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Please remember to specify your desired Rim Size

NOTE: You may use the Warburton trumpet/cornet backbore you aleady own, or order the SILVER PLATED A.T.V. shank here or the GOLD PLATED version here

What size A.T.V. do you need ?

If you already play a Warburton mouthpiece, all the A.T.V. rim diameters are the same as our regular mouthpieces. For example, if you play a Warburton 4SV you would want the size 4 A.T.V.

If you play another manufacturer's mouthpiece, our trumpet mouthpiece comparison chart may be able to help you find the Warburton size that matches your mouthpiece. For example, if you play a Schilke 15 you should order the size 3 A.T.V.